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I love creating a digital presence for small businesses. From websites to social media management, to content creation and copywriting, I love helping my clients achieve their goals. 

Website Design

I like to produce websites that are easy for my clients to take the reins themselves and manage once the design and setup is complete. This empowers my clients by allowing them to update their services, prices and even online stores easily, without having to pay for a website manager regularly. Need regular updates? I can do that too! But websites need to be more than a pretty place for your customers to see you online. They need to be mobile-friendly, collect the essential information about your customers, help you in increasing your traffic online and brick and mortar locations and help you sell online. Most importantly they need to capture your customers' attention and keep them there.

Social Media Management

I started working with social media in its infancy for my family's business. At that time it was simply making a Facebook page or Twitter account and you were finished. It was something you updated from time to time but didn't really pay much attention to it. However as time has gone on, a digital online presence for social media is essential. I pride myself on understanding and focusing on the demographics and traffic of your social media to stay as relevant as possible. By tailoring your social media content per platform, you can reach more of the right people. It is more than posting pretty pictures, but understanding what is driving certain customers to your business, who they are and what means are they getting there.

Below are just several case studies from current clients of mine. Information such as that related to Google Analytics, Google & Facebook Ads etc are only available upon request and are entirely anonymised for their privacy. That is because as a guest in your digital world, I treasure privacy and professionalism above all else.

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Website Design Samples

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Social Media Management

Samples of Client Social Media

Blogging & Copywriting

Since 2017 I have been blogging, ghostwriting and providing copywriting services for a variety of industries including Real Estate, Environmental Sustainability and Gardening/Horticulture. Copywriting work includes resume and cover letter writing and editing as well as copy for websites and LinkedIn profiles. Although I am not currently taking on Blog clients, I am available for copywriting and editing jobs. Blog samples can be seen here and here. Website copy examples can be seen here. Also, click here to view samples of my resume and cover letter copywriting.

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