ABOUT Heather


My passion for photography has been lifelong as a result of being the daughter of a professional photographer. I grew up in the photo studio my family owned, numbered proofs by hand after I was done my homework and assisted a number of shoots when I was a teen. I truly understand what small businesses experience, and that is something I have brought to my own practice.

Photography and website design have always been a part of my professional life. Trends change rapidly and I pride myself on continuing to adapt and strive to create quality, up to date images for my clients. 

I will be taking on new photography and website design clients this year, so please contact me directly to discuss your project.

Getting Your Project Started

If anything, COVID taught us is that working from home was pretty great, a lot of meetings could be emails, and mostly that you could easily do business from anywhere. For that reason, I accept product photography clients from across Canada. Simply package up your products, send them by secure mail and I will photograph them. All of our consultations are done via Zoom or by phone so I can get a great feel for your project and you can get to know me as a photographer. I have clients from Vancouver, Calgary, Prince George, and even Seattle.

 Products are shipped to the studio or dropped off. I shoot everything in my private studio and upload the files to a secure gallery for you to view. After we shoot your products you can choose to have them shipped back to you at an additional cost. If you don't want your items returned they will be donated to charity.